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Meet your Personal Music Production Assistant

Focus on the flow, not the files

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Jam-packed with resources

File Backup Like Magic

The MPA finds all your projects, just select which of your Audio Projects you want to back up.
Straightforward and intuitive interface, that fits your current workflow.

Collaborations made Simple

Co-writing music is simplified. You and your co-musicians can focus on the songwriting process, while the MPA handles the technicalities.

Sound library, now in the cloud

Make use of the Soundslates cloud based library, stuffed with our VST instruments, audio loops, plugins presets and more...

Have your entire sample library available on any device. Simply login onto the Soundslates platform and start jamming with files from your personal library.

Open source projects to keep you inspired

Become part of a movement and join forces to work on huge projects.
Make a difference by publishing great remixes, or open source your own projects

Chat. Tailored for musicians

The equivalent of grabbing a coffee with your beat-making friends online.

Keep the conversation alive while writing beats.

Notifications right on your desktop

Stay in the loop and be notified when your co-producers update your projects.

In sync with a wide range of audio workstations

Soundslates has a non-intrusive way of integrating with you DAW of choice, everything stays in sync, even if you are working with multiple apps.

Your DAW meets the cloud, and your audio plugins are invited too!

Share presets with your team, friends or the world

Saving presets and sharing them with the community has become a trivial taks, forget about browsing the web to find presets for your favorites plugins.

Soundslates has put together an ecosystem that allows you to load and shared plugin presets right from your plugins, across any of the supported DAWs

Start building with us the world's largest cloud presets presets library

Introducing the Moody plugins

Soundslates provides you with a battery of free audio plugins, meet our first plugin, the Moody Sampler
It is connected to the cloud-based Sound library, and comes with 1000+ sampled instruments, for you to use in your productions, try it out now!

Choose the plan that fits you best

With the Pro Plan, you'll get full access to the Cloud library and an enhanced collaboration experience.

But why not get to know us first. Sign in for a free plan and discover all functionality albeit with less storage space.

Starter plan


  • Unlimited projects backups
  • Unlimited projects downloads
  • 1 collaborator per project
  • 200 Sound library files
  • Audio plugins included
  • 2 GB cloud storage
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Producer plan


  • Unlimited projects backups
  • Unlimited projects downloads
  • up to 20 collaborators per project
  • Full access to Sound library files (5000+)
  • Audio plugins included
  • 100 GB cloud storage
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